International Relations Office
The International Relations Office (IRO) was established at PSUT as a response to its new strategy which places international relations at the top of its priorities. IRO is an administrative service that will be affiliated directly to the Vice President for Internationalization. Its main aim is to answer to the needs of students, faculty and staff with services in the field of national and international collaboration. The IRO currently oversees and manages agreements and Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) and constantly seeks new international linkages and partnerships. It also attends to the procedure, registration and continuation of agreements in the academic, cultural and research fields that are part of PSUT, in addition to management of international mobility programs. The office also carries out a number of activities which include the organization of quality conferences, workshops and seminars which complement its main role as for a key driver of internationalization strategies for the university. Furthermore, the IRO also houses an Exchange Service Unit (ESU) whose main functions lie in serving incoming and outgoing students, faculty and staff, and a Project Management Office (PMO) which works on externally funded projects such as the Erasmus+ projects.
1. Providing appropriate knowledge, means, and methods to improve internationalization actions of PSUT.
2. Ensuring the presence of PSUT at international educational meetings, conferences and forums.
3. Maintaining and sustaining the university’s international contacts.
4. Prepare, follow-up and execute agreements and memoranda of understanding (MOU) with higher education and research institutions abroad.
5. Maintaining a searchable database of international funding agencies and programmes.
6. Managing external projects for the university.
7. Providing administrative support and coordination for the exchange of students and faculty members with universities abroad.
8. Providing information to PSUT faculty and students about agreements with partner universities.
9. Keeping an online inventory of projects, exchange activities, reports and agreements.
10. Prepare proper dissemination material for PSUT use and external stakeholders about PSUT and its academic and non-academic services.
Collaboration and Agreements Unit
PSUT strives to establish relations with other universities, organizations and institutions inside of Jordan and outside. These relations will usually be sealed through the signature of agreements. The collaboration and agreements unit manages the processing, registration and monitoring of the cooperation agreements in the academic, cultural and research field in which PSUT takes part. Additionally, this unit will be responsible of catering for international delegation visits.
Exchange Service Unit
The main activities of the Exchange Service Unit lie in Incoming and Outgoing of students, faculty, or staff via Erasmus+ Program and Non-EU Exchange students by virtue of bilateral agreements. Students of PSUT receive advice and institutional support in different phases of mobility as well as for research grants. In the same way, the Exchange Service Unit attends to the reception, accreditation and welcome of exchange students coming from partner universities. Within the framework of international student mobility, many exchange places are managed annually with higher education institutions all around the world under the ERASMUS+ program, international conventions, and bilateral agreements of exchange, not to mention visiting student programs.
Project Management Unit  
PSUT has acquired expertise in the management of international cooperation projects through its active participation in different international projects and networks. PSUT continues to coordinate and participate in several TEMPUS and ERASMUS+ as well as International Credit Mobility projects. In order to prepare, apply and management projects administratively and financially, a Project Management Unit will be established to oversee the overall management of projects from start to end including the following pre-submission preparation, submission phase, project life time and post project activities.
International Relations Office, Princess Sumaya University for Technology P. O. Box 1438, Al-Jubaiha 11941, Amman, Jordan, Office: +962 6 5359949,